Clear Your Record with Help from an Expunction Attorney

Avoid Conviction & Retain Aggressive Defense from the Outset

Helping you avoid a criminal conviction, jail time, and a lifelong criminal record is my main goal. You have so much to fight for in life, and I stand ready and equipped to provide a relentless defense on your behalf. When so much is on the line, you need to put me in your corner. As your trusted San Marcos criminal defense lawyer, I am willing to put up a good fight for you.

Who can get an expunction?

The process of expunction can help you clear your record for good and keep your arrest from being viewed in background checks. The state of Texas has several restrictions on expunctions, however. Only certain individuals can obtain a petition for expunction.

You may be eligible for expunction if:

  • You were arrested but your case was dismissed.
  • Your case was "no billed" by the grand jury.
  • Your case was never filed with the court.
  • Your case was dismissed after a completion of a first-offender program.
  • You were found not guilty at trial.

Obtaining an expunction may not be the only way to make a criminal matter go away. If you are not eligible for record clearing, you may have other options. With the right information, the right legal representation, and the right attitude, you can move on from an arrest.

Enjoy Living Life Free of a Criminal Record

Pursuing an expunction can result in many benefits. Most of the benefits can be invaluable if you want to move forward in life without looking back on a mistake.

The benefits of an expunction can include being able to:

  • Improve your ability to get a good job
  • Obtain a driver's license or commercial driver's license
  • Apply for a state license, contractor's license, or real estate license
  • Apply and run for public office
  • Gain personal satisfaction of closure after a distressing time in your life
  • Regain composure and peace of mind

I'm committed to getting results for you!

Although most of my clients' cases do not go to trial, I still prepare every case thoroughly so that I am always the most ready party in court. My proven record, former prosecutorial experience, personalized representation, and compassionate counsel has ensured that my clients can get results with my help.

If you wish to learn more about the benefits of expunction, if you have questions about your eligibility for expunction, or if you want to speak with me personally, I welcome your phone call. I would be happy to meet with you in person or over the phone for your convenience, so call my firm today.

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